You have become afflicted with Lycanthropy, either through being bitten by someone already afflicted with the curse, or through some means their blood has entered your own body.​

All races are susceptible to this transformation if they were bitten in-character, or afflicted with lycanthropy through other means (example: poison). You cannot be both a vampire and a werewolf.

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Full Moon Werewolf


Upon being afflicted with the Lycanthrope curse you gain this move upon the dawn of the next day:

Uncontrollable Beast

You are slowly losing your mind and body to the beast within. Upon the nights of a Full Moon you immediately change into your Werewolf form, and additionally, you have a chance of changing whenever damage is inflicted upon you. When taking damage, roll a Defy Danger using CHA, and upon a 6 or less you spend your next turn transforming into a full on Werewolf and lose control of yourself. During this transformation you heal 10 HP.


While an uncontrollable beast you no longer consider anyone an ally, even fellow Werewolves. You attack the last person to attack you each round, and if someone does not attack you, you attack randomly. Give each other individual in the battle a number from 1-X and roll a custom dice to see who you will attack next each round (so if there are 3 others present, you’d label each 1 through 3 and roll a 1d3 to see who you attack). Each round you make a Defy Danger using CHA, and upon rolling a 10+ two rounds in a row you change back to your original form with a STR debility. Upon failing a Last Breath you also return to your original shape.


Uncontrollable Beast is the early stage of Lycanthropy and can still be reversed by some mundane (belladonna) and magical (remove curse, greater restoration) means. You only progress past this point by taking The New Me as your move upon gaining a level, or being level 10 and replacing a move gained on leveling with it.

You gain the following stats only when shifted:



Bite And Claw (2d4+3); Your HP; 4 Armor

Close, Messy, Knockdown, Inflicts Lycanthropy - Defy Danger: Con


Special Qualities:

Regeneration - You heal 2 HP every round.

Weak to Silver - Silver weapons or those treated with alchemical silver deal +1 damage and turn off your regeneration for 2 rounds.

Beast - Bite And Claw is rolled as Hack&Slash but you also cause a Knockdown on a 10+. You lose access to all other non-basic moves (including +Armor/+Damage moves), abilities, ongoing spells, and equipment you have.


The New Me


Requires: Uncontrollable Beast

The beast within won and it’s not a nice guy, you are now the beast and there is no longer a way to fix or cure you. You may have some lingering reservations or self loathing at not feeling anything at the death or mistreatment of others, but you are Evil and care for little pass your own wants and needs. If you gained abilities from a Good aligned god, you lose access to them, but following a new Evil aligned god can restore them.

You can shift into and out of your werewolf form at any time and are in full control when you do so. You no longer make Defy Danger rolls to shift on taking damage, or to shift back to your normal form. Upon shifting into your werewolf form you are still healed for 10 HP, but when you shift is now entirely up to you except for the nights of a Full Moon where you immediately change into your Werewolf form and lose control as per Uncontrollable Beast.


Upon taking this move, or when level 10 and meeting requirements to take it, you may replace any normal moves selected at leveling with this or any other Werewolf move. This cannot be undone and is to for the replacement of moves when becoming a Werewolf at higher level. Certain moves may not function well with lycanthropy, and becoming a Werewolf may not always be planned character progression. You must replace all moves at once when taking this move.


Once you’ve taken The New Me, the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you level up:


Beastly Nature

Requires: The New Me

You deal +3 Damage with your Bite And Claw, and are able to use the Ranger move Hunt And Track in all of your forms with your improved sense of smell. When not in your Werewolf form, you deal +2 Damage with Hack&Slash.

Damage Move (a character can only have 2 of these total).


Apex Predator

Requires: The New Me

Pick STR or DEX. When in your Werewolf form you gain +1 Ongoing with the chosen stat and roll using that stat for the Werewolf Bite And Claw attack.


Supernatural Hide

Requires: The New Me

You gain +2 Armor when shifted into your Werewolf form. You instead gain +1 Armor when in your natural shape.


Improved Regeneration

Requires: The New Me

Your Regeneration is increased to +3 HP every round when in your Werewolf form, and silver weapons only turn off your regeneration for 1 round. When in your normal form you regenerate 1 HP every round with the same silver weapon vulnerability.


Nature’s Swiftness

Requires: The New Me


You can change into your Werewolf form at a moments notice. When shifting this way you are not healed for 10 HP.


Bigger Jaws, Bigger Claws

Requires: The New Me

Your Bite And Claw move in Werewolf form increases to 2d6+3 from 2d4+3.

Damage Move (a character can only have 2 of these total).