The blood of a vampire has entered your body. It is only a matter of time until the unholy substance drains away at your vitality and claims your life... but you may yet rise anew.


All races are susceptible to this transformation if they were bitten in-character, or afflicted with vampirism through other means (example: poison). You cannot be both a vampire and a werewolf.


Upon being afflicted with Vampirism you gain this move upon the dawn of the next day:



Living is suffering. Your bones feel as though they are broken, your muscles spasm in pain, and you can barely keep any food or drink down. You gain a debility to your STR, CON, and DEX. With this pain comes a new urge, a foul thirst for blood. If you consume blood, then all debilities inflicted by this move will be removed for a day.


Embraced is the early stage of Vampirism, and can still be reversed by some magical (restoration, greater restoration) means. You only progress past this point by taking Bloodthirst as your move upon gaining a level.




Requires: Embraced

You have succumbed to the affliction and died, rising again. You are now a Vampire and there is no longer a way to fix or cure you. You may have some lingering reservations or self loathing at not feeling anything, but you are Evil and feel little about the death or mistreatment of others. If you gained abilities from a Good aligned god, you lose access to them, but following a new Evil aligned god can restore them.



Use your stats.


Special Qualities: 

Regeneration - You heal 2 HP every round.

Weak to Silver - Silver weapons or those treated with alchemical silver deal +1 damage, turn off your regeneration and healing while gaining or using blood for 2 rounds.

Undead Resistance - You gain +2 on Defy Danger against poisons and diseases.

Weak to Sunlight - Your regeneration ceases and you take 1 Damage a round when in direct sunlight. Clothing that covers your body, and sticking to, or falling back to, shadows to regenerate from short exposure is enough when out of combat.

Vampire Bite:

Bite - Inflicts Vampirism - Defy Danger: Con

When you Hack&Slash, on a 10+ you may choose to bite your opponent and drink some of their blood to heal 1d4 HP and gain a point of Blood. Doing this reveals your vampiric nature to all present. Upon rolling 6 or less with any move, you lose 1 Blood, or take 1d6 Damage (ignore Armor) if you have none. You can hold up to 3 Blood and always start an encounter with 0. 


Spend 1 Blood as an Interrupt for one of these effects:

  • +1 Forward to your next roll.

  • Heal yourself for 1d6 HP.


Upon taking this move, or when level 10 and meeting requirements to take it, you may replace any normal moves selected at leveling with this or any other Vampire move. This cannot be undone and is to for the replacement of moves when becoming a Vampire at higher level. Certain moves may not function well with vampirism, and becoming a vampire may not always be planned character progression. You must replace all moves at once when taking this move.


Once you’ve taken Bloodthirst, the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you level up:


Rise From Your Grave

Requires: Bloodthirst

When you take your Last Breath, use the following effects for your results:

• On a 10+, you end up with 1HP, can keep fighting, and be healed as normal, but take a debility. You can instead choose to take the form of a fog or mist and automatically Flee from the scene. You fall into torpor as per 6 or less if reduced to 0 HP again.
• On a 7–9, you’re at 1HP and can only manage to change your form into mist or fog for a moment to immediately receive a free Flee attempt with a +1 bonus. Failure leaves you helpless and only able to Flee for the rest of the encounter. You fall into torpor as per 6 or less if reduced to 0 HP again.
• On 6 or less, you instead fall into torpor and appear to be a normal corpse. You will awaken a short time later and you must try to drink the blood of the first and every other person you see until you gain a point of Blood. If your head is removed, or body staked while in torpor, you stay in it indefinitely until your head is returned or the stake removed.



Requires: Bloodthirst

You gain supernatural control over nearby blood, able to call it to you even at range. Now in addition to gaining blood on a 10+ Hack&Slash, you gain 1 Blood and heal 1d4 HP on a 10+ with any attack or spell that deals damage to a living creature. Doing this reveals your vampiric nature to all present.



Requires: Bloodthirst

You start battles with 1 Blood instead of 0.



Requires: Bloodthirst

You keep enough living blood in your body to lose your weakness to sunlight, but with it you also lose your natural regeneration.