Race Appearance

  • No taller than 9 feet

  • Rubbery skin in light green to gray

  • Black or gray hair

  • Solid black or putrid yellow eyes with no sclera

  • Hunched with long arms (don't need to drag)

  • Most often Chaotic Evil

  • Cannot be Good

General Description

Trolls are a ravenous, predatory species found throughout almost all of the regions and climates of the world, from arctic wastes to tropical jungles. They are generally a Chaotic Evil bunch of uncivilized, barbaric creatures with voracious appetites that roamed from one area to the next feeding upon whatever they could.

A typical adult troll stood around 9'0" tall on long, ungainly legs. Their bodies had thick, rubbery hides colored in shades of mossy green or putrid greys, and possessed long hanging arms that ended in massive claws. The skull of a troll had a messy, hair-like growth colored black or steel grey. Females were typically larger, and more powerful, than males.

Although they walked upright, trolls possessed a severe hunch, which often caused the backs of their hands to drag on the ground. When they ran, their arms dangled still. Despite their awkward physical appearance, trolls were surprisingly agile and were well adapted to be masterful climbers.


Troll senses were unbalanced. They possessed poor hearing and a sensitivity to light, but superior olfactory senses.

Perhaps the most well-known factoid of trolls was their infamous regeneration. Whether a slash in its rubbery hide, or a dismembered limb, trolls could rapidly heal through most wounds. Only acid or fire could arrest the regeneration properties within a troll's flesh. Dismembered limbs would continue to attack at opponents even after being severed.

Because of the regenerative properties of troll blood, this green viscous liquid was used in the manufacture of poisons, antidotes and certain potions of healing

Relations with other races

Although they could be encountered nearly anywhere, trolls were most often found in dense forests and subterranean locales, including the Underdark, and fed on whatever they get could rent with their claws.

Trolls hunted most other living creatures and were never concerned about the size or number of their prey. They had absolutely no fear of death.  In combat, they flailed wildly with their clawed hands and used a fierce bite, sometimes wielding crude weapons. On occasion they would throw large stones before closing the gap with their prey.

Magic and Religion

Trolls have no arcane ability at all, and their religious practices centered almost entirely around shamanism over any specific god, although it was not unheard of for a troll to select a god if they felt it suited their purposes, or aligned with groups they themselves have sided with.