God of Storms, Destruction, Rebellion, Conflagrations, Earthquakes, Vortices. Chaotic Evil.

The Destroyer, the Raging One, the Stormstar, the Storm Lord

General Description

Talos  is the destructive force of nature. He is the god of storms, forest fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and general destruction.


Talos is usually encountered as titanic, bellowing laughter in the heart of a gale. Sometimes the laughter is accompanied by two eyes like giant blazing coals, which are surrounded by swirling maelstorms of air. In urban areas Talos more often manifests as two fist-sized, swirling storm clouds. Talos also sometimes works through the presence or action of vargouiles, yeth hounds, quasits, wind walkers, and the elemental spirits known as tempests.


Talassans are taught that life is a combination of random effects and chaos, so the devout should grab what they can, when they can, as who can say when Talos will strike and bring them into afterlife ?


Talos appears as a one-eyed, broad-shouldered, and bearded man clad in half plate armor and black leather gloves. His empty eye socket is filled with whirling stars and covered by a dark patch.

Talos is a violent, short-tempered, and angry deity who exults in chaos and revels in destruction. Often petty and vengeful, the Storm Lord is a powerful bully and is often motivated by rage and the desire never to appear weak or compromising in any way to his followers.


Preach the might of Talos, and always warn others of the forces only he can command--the fury of all Orius. Walk unafraid in storms, forest fires, earthquakes, and other disasters, for the power of Talos protects you. Do so publicly wherever possible, so that others see that only Talos can protect them. Make others fear Talos by showing the destruction he and his servants can cause. To avoid tasting his fury, pray to him energetically and tell all folk that such observances--and only such observances--can protect them from the furies of gales, hailstorms, winds, floods, droughts, blizzards, hurricanes, and other natural dooms. Hurl such forces at one’s foes if Talos deems a place or a person worth defending. One cannot afford to ignore Talos, but must bow down and worship him. Proclaim this message to all and show everyone the destruction even the slightest of the servants of Talos can cause.


The church of Talos is a small in number but powerful, and his followers are fanatical in their love of destruction. The clergy has no formal hierarchy; obedience is enforced through might. Priests of Talos are fond of extorting sailors and farmers, threatening that Talos will bring destructive storms upon them if they do not placate the angry god. They are wont to pursue wealth and luxury with many indulging in acts of random or spiteful violence, pillage and banditry. Talossan clerics are also committed evangelists who seek to gain converts through fear or the enticement of raw power.

It should be noted that clergy of Talos enjoy destruction and arm themselves heavily to bring it about where spells may fail at all times. Talassans tend to go to one of two extremes: Either they armor themselves to the hilt in the most menacing-looking armor they can obtain, or they wear next to no armor and use protective magicks instead so that to the average observers they look almost suicidal in their fervor to get into the thick of destruction.