Race Appearance

  • No taller than 7 feet 3 inches

  • Fur that covers the natural color ranges of most wild felines

  • No additional hair past their normal fur length

  • Eyes with slit-pupils in shades of greens, yellows, and blues

  • Realistic Appearance (only the Jomo Tiger, Leopard, Lion and the Vivid Lion are currently approved)

  • Most often Chaotic Neutral

General Description

Tabaxi, also known as jaguar people or cat-folk, are a race of feline humanoids native to the jungles located northeast of Emerald Reach.

Tabaxi are commonly taller than most humans at 6'3" to 7'3", but have also been known to be smaller. Their bodies are slender and covered in fur. Like most felines, Tabaxi have long tails and retractable claws. Tabaxi fur color ranges the full spread found on wild felines, and their eyes are slit-pupiled and usually green, yellow or blue.

The Tabaxi language is an ancient form of the Payit language. Those who speak modern Payit and know what to listen for can usually understand about half of the Tabaxi words they hear.

Tabaxi society is very Chaotic Neutral in nature and is built around clans, these clans are split evenly between males and females with three to twelve young. Each clan has several hunts each made up of two to eight individuals. The Hunts patrol the area around the clan's lair, although tabaxi lairs are sometimes just temporary, they are more often small villages of ramadas led by elders. About half of the time, leaders are aided by druids and shamans.

Most Tabaxi do not care for wealth, but they have an almost obsessive interest in ancient artifacts, relics and magic items, but not for the items themselves, as much as the stories and secrets they hold. Once an item has been thoroughly examined and studied, and its secrets revealed, it loses its allure and the tabaxi will quickly lose interest and pass it on.

Relations with other races

Tabaxi have very few enemies and only the most degenerate of clans attack members of other intelligent species without good reason. Usually their clans’ location is specifically selected to keep them out of the way of others, sometimes clans being in an area for a few generations without other nearby settlements ever realizing.

However, when they do wish to be known they can be a most welcoming people. Their constant wish for excitement and entertainment generally makes it a great time for visitors that can enjoy such a way of life.

Magic and Religion

While Tabaxi do not distrust differing forms of magic, their way of life simply tends to leave little room for the arcane. They are, however, strongly in tune with the totemic aspects of shamanism, as well as druidism. Tabaxi born without magical affinity still seek out knowledge of the arcane arts, as well as the many different schools of magic that exist in the world, simply out of curiosity.


While they almost never officially join any religion’s clergy, they still worship Sharess, showing respect and acute understanding of her dogma to live life to its fullest, if for no other reason than to have cause for another celebration.

Name Examples

Tabaxi names are tribal in nature and often lead to shortened nicknames. Their clan names also using this same naming convention but based on the location of that specific clan, so you get names like 'Ancient Mountain' and 'Passing Rain'.

Flickering Flame (Flame), Quill in the Grass (Quill), Fish in the River (River), Taste of Fruit (Taste), Shadows in the Wind (Shadow), Brave Leaf (Brave), Swift Jewel (Swift), Ancient Plume (Plume), Arctic Clover (Arctic), Happy Poem (Happy)