Sim Rules

The rules within Orius are in place to ensure that there will be out of character harmony amongst the role-players within the sim. We are not out to hamper roleplay or expression on sim, but in order to create and maintain the environment we envision, there will be no tolerance for rule breaking. We understand that accidents happen, but we expect role-players in our community to do their best to follow the rules. We are building both a community and a home for role-players, which will only happen with your support and cooperation.

- Only adult characters are permitted to play here, this extending to NPCs as well. Under no circumstances will we allow child avatars or any avatar resembling a child to roleplay on sim. This is the case even if an avatar appears to be questionably bordering 18 years old. Determination of child-like appearance is, in part, subjective, but the decisions of staff are final.


- Your avatar must appear appropriate, and within reason, for your race choice. Some races will be closely monitored, and you may be asked to change some of your appearances in order to more closely adhere to racial guidelines. Failure to comply will result in ejection and, in some cases, a ban. More info on appearances here.


- Avatars must be dressed appropriately per the sim’s lore.


- No furries, cartoons, robots, or any other race/look that is not within our permitted races or genre will be allowed to play on sim. Half breeds are only acceptable if they are on the list of approved Hybrid Races.


- Staff members are there to guide you, either through the lore or the sim rules. Ask them first if you wish for clarifications and do treat them with respect even during times of moderation.


- Any exploits used in terms of silver income/crafting systems/moves will be dealt with by staff members and will result in severe consequences. This type of exploitation ruins the fun for other players and the economy of the sim. There are checks in place to catch such activity, and there are guides to make sure they are not done accidentally.


- Do not use multiple characters in combat simultaneously, and do not use multiple characters to work towards the same goal/agenda.

Respect the Lore of the Sim. While the owners want stories to evolve organically on their own and let Roleplay take its course, there is a limit. The owners have spent many hours, days, and months creating the setting that we play in. Roleplay that flagrantly disregards Lore will be immediately halted and players engaging in such Roleplay will be asked to redirect. Further flagrant disregard of the Lore will result in players who have engaged in this behavior being asked to leave the sim to seek Roleplay elsewhere.


I.    General Player Conduct:


1. We expect those who enter Orius to know the basics of Role Play. Players should understand the difference between IC (In Character) and OOC (Out of Character) and behave accordingly.

2. All players are to be treated with respect and regarded as equals OOC.


3. OOC Harassment will result in the aggressor being given a warning. Continued OOC Harassment will result in the aggressor being temporarily/permanently banned depending on the severity.​

4. All OOC abuse will be met with immediate ejection without moderation.  Continued behaviour will result in a temporary/permanent ban.

5. IC Action is not to be used to drive OOC Conflict and vice versa. If you are guilty of this, you will be removed from the sim.

6. Players must be given a chance to respond to issues and events in roleplay prior to continuing to the next step.  This is a TURN-BASED concept of roleplay.  You cannot post attempting to steal coin from someone then posting immediately again succeeding and/or failing without allowing the person a chance to respond in between. The hud and system is there to aid in this.

7. God-Modding, Meta-Gaming, and Power-Gaming are NOT permitted. Repeated offenders will be warned first and ejected if they persist in such actions.


8. No excessive OOC in open/local chat. Once you leave the OOC platform we expect you to show respect to other fellow role-players and refrain from posting many OOC comments in local chat, even if you are in a rental.

9. Any attempts to manipulate the hud, in any capacity, will result in an immediate ban.

10. Don't shop around for a different staff member if one has made a decision you do not like. This will not end well for you.

11. NPC characters can be used for flavor in RP, but they have no stats and cannot attack, defend, or give any kind of meaningful assistance. So unless it is an NPC guard placed by us, they won't take part in combat.


II.  Roleplay Etiquette:


1. Everyone has personal limits. That said, upon entering the sim you must come to an understanding that this is a Dark Medieval Mid Fantasy Sim. Role-players will want to do things to your character that you may not necessarily agree with. Thus, you have several options:

  • Fade to black if certain roleplays are in no way acceptable to you. The scene happened, but you are not required to play it out.

  • Ask to change the course of the roleplay once you sense it is heading to the direction you do not wish to happen. They are not required to agree, but many will work with you.

(In all cases, if roleplay is being directed in a manner that you are not comfortable with, inform the role-player of your limits quietly in IM’s. Be respectful)

2. Be Respectful of your fellow role-players. Roleplaying is a Cooperative experience; it depends almost entirely upon interactions with others. Your attitude towards the sim and the others that are participating in creating stories with you is of utmost importance. Obviously, there may be people that you do not like that also play here. If they are antagonistic towards you out of character, inform one of the staff and let us handle the situation. Don’t take the bait, don’t fight fire with fire; let us do the firefighting on your behalf. As the saying goes: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

3. It is generally best to wait a full round of posts from everyone in a scene before you walk up to a scene, to ensure that you have a general knowledge of what is happening. It would be slightly awkward/inappropriate if two people were holding a sword to the third person and you were walking up to them giving them candy.


4. Even if you are not a paragraph role-player, give time for the paragraph role-player to post. Do not spam local chat with your roleplay, if he/she did not say they were AFK or BRB then they are probably still writing.


5. In-character Actions = In-character Consequences. What YOU type towards a fellow role-player matters. If you are aggressive, rude or have done something to their friend or to them… EXPECT consequences. If you cannot handle being antagonized, then you have no business antagonizing others.​

6. Conflict is always welcome. However, if there is a constant aggression (daily and multiple times during the day) that affects the person’s ability to be able to respond to the conflict appropriately, and can begin to feel like targeted harassment… Take a breather… Give them time to do other kinds of roleplay to build up to your conflict plot.