God of Wild Nature, Druids. True Neutral.

Oak Father, the Forest Father, the Old Oak, Treefather, Old Father Tree

General Description

Silvanus is the god of wild and untamed nature in Orius; he is of equal power to Chauntea, who represents a more ordered nature. The two are on good terms, although Silvanus takes pride in his true neutrality. They work closely together and seem genuinely trusting and affectionate toward each other.

Silvanus hates Talos and Talona, whom his priests refer to as "the Unbalanced." He most often reveals a beneficent, paternal nature towards his faithful. He swiftly turns an uncaring and even righteously wrathful face toward any who threaten the wild places and woodlands of Orius. Those who disturb the balance are often found at the edge of the forest torn to pieces by wild animals who cannot be tracked.


Although wise and beneficent, the paternalistic Silvanus (sihl-vann-us) can be emotionally distant when it comes to the necessity of having a balance in nature and wrathful toward those who threaten wild places.

He appears as an old, bearded, incredibly wise human male face floating in midair among trees or sprouting from the trunk of an especially old and large specimen.


 Silvanus sees and balances all, meting out both wild water and drought, both fire and ice, both life and death. His priests tend to see the total situation, to view the macrocosm; their view is not confined to one person or one nation's idea of what is best. This is not to say that priests of Silvanus are neutral and take no sides. They are strongly on the side of wild nature, the natural state of matters, over any civilizing force.

All is in a cycle, deftly and beautifully balanced-and it is the duty of the devout to see this cycle and the sacred Balance as clearly as possible, to make others see it (whether they worship the Oak Father or no), and to work against all beings and things who seek to disturb the Balance. This is best done by watching, anticipating, and quiet manipulation. Silvanites should resort to violence and open confrontation only when pressure of time, situation, or hostile action makes it necessary. Ultimately, the faithful are to keep the Balance-when one must act in one way one day, take the opposing side on another day. Always keep the Balance.


The church of Silvanus is often referred to as the "greenleaf priesthood" after the symbol of its deity. Silvanus has a strong base among both clerics in urban areas and druids in the wilder territories. Like Chauntea he calls both his dear children, but in his case the druids are the favored of the two. Silvanus also has a few shamans among the nomadic and barbarian societies of Orius who spread his word of balance and respect for nature while tending to their tribes' needs.


Silvanus's clergy are spread throughout Orius, favoring small communities over large cities, though there are several large communities of Silvanites in major cities. Druids are the leaders and the backbone of the greenleaf priesthood and are most favored by Silvanus if they dwell in the forest and live in harmony with the land, where they are best able to be the stewards of Orius' wild places. Urban clergy of Silvanus more often become gardeners, trying to create a walled corner of wild forest in the city (or guard and revitalize an existing miniature wood). They often seek to attract followers by preaching of the peace and purity of the wilds and dispensing herbs and sweetsap drinks (especially maple syrup, mint teas, and sweetroot brews).