Prebuilt Characters

To help those needing some assistance in creating or advancing a character, we've put together some rather standard builds for each class to be used or built upon. These are not the only way, nor are they the best way to build these classes, but they are made with the thought of being competitive and keeping them straightforward.


Str: 12, Dex: 18, Con: 16, Int: 10, Wis: 14, Cha: 8


Starting Moves:

Animal Companion, Command, Hunt And Track, Faster Than His Shadow, Called Shot


Suggested Equipment: (found among starting items in Character Creation room)

Starter Main Weapon - Bow

Starter Secondary - Dagger

Starter Armor - Cloth/Leather/Light Chain (same armor)

Starter Gear - Quiver

Starter Ammo - Arrows


Suggested Animal Type: Heavy (high HP and armor with second highest damage. Also will assist you for at least 1 round alone if you go down or fall under control magic.)


HP: 29, Carry Weight: 23


Damage and Armor

1d8+1 Damage, 1 Armor


Companion: (you get to use one of these every round)

Get ‘Em! For 2 Damage

Defend Me! For +4 Armor against 1 attack




  • Your race ability will need to be added to these stats.

  • While Feral Beast allows you to deal 3 damage, it immediately runs away if you go down or fall under a control spell that prevents you from acting.

  • Human Ranger however have a racial that makes Feral Beast a great option.

  • You’ll generally want to use On The Prowl move to sneak in and shoot at an enemy if you are trying to start a fight.


Suggested Moves:

Level 2 - Rip And Tear

Level 3 - Man’s Best Friend

Level 4 - Viper’s Strike

Level 5 - God Amidst The Wastes

Level 6 - Strong Pull

Level 7 - Slippery

Level 8 - When Oiled

Level 9 - Bullseye!

Level 10 - Multiclass Initiate to take Like Hitting Oak from the Brawler class


Spells from God Amidst The Wastes (cleric spells)

Magic Weapon (Always have this pre-cast on your bow), Bless, Cure Light Wounds and all cleric rotes.