Race Appearance

  • No taller than 7 feet 6 inches

  • Skin in usually darker shades of green or gray

  • Coarse hair usually black or in dark browns and reds

  • Eyes always shades of red

  • Underbite with tusks

  • Short slightly pointed ears

  • Most often Chaotic Evil

  • Cannot be Good

General Description

Orcs are known for having terrible tempers and almost always a Chaotic Evil nature. They are easily offended, impatient, and orcs often prefer violence as the answer in any given situation. However, orcs are adept at gathering information in a short timeframe because they are creatures of action rather than forethought. However, some rare exceptions to this profile, whose successes were accomplished through insight and planning, do exist.


Orcs vary in appearance, but all share certain physical qualities. Orcs of all kinds usually have green or gray skin, coarse hair, stooped postures, low foreheads, large muscular bodies and porcine faces that feature lower canines that resemble boar tusks. Many also had wolf-like ears that were pointed on the ends, similar to elves. Orcs grow as tall as 7'6" and are robust and muscular.

Orcs bred fast and lived short lives compared with most other races. They were considered adults anywhere between 11 and 14 years of age, middle-aged at 17, old at 23, and venerable at 35 years of age. The average orc seldom lived longer than 40 years, even if it managed to avoid violent death. It was unheard of for an orc to live longer than 45 years without magical aid.

Adult orcs generally stood between six and seven feet tall, and weighed anywhere between 230 and 280 pounds. Females were only slightly smaller than the males.

Relations with other races

Orc culture is extremely warlike. When one war ends, the orcs are almost undoubtedly already planning for another. Orcs usually see life as a constant struggle to ensure survival. They believe resoundingly that one must subjugate their enemies and control as many resources as possible. This usually puts them at odds with most other races. Orcs prize the possession of slaves and other captives procured during raids as well as their scars gained.


Orcs do not erect cities, but instead occupy the ruins of others. Improving fortifications or setting up campsites and dens or they settle in small, natural caverns. Orcs can ironwork on their own and can also stonework, although their tools are often crude in comparison to those of more disciplined races. Orcs are often organized in confederations of tribes, loosely held together by a despotic warchief. Bands within these tribes may wander far from their homelands, but continue to greet those orcs who belong to the same tribal network as kin.

One of their campsites is located at the peak of the mountains within Emerald Reach, guarding the cavern entrance to Wurgoth where the drow, whom they currently serve, dwell. Their drow overlords use them for their ruthless nature, their ability to obtain captives, and as general shock troops.


Gruumsh, the main deity of the orcs, steadily pushes tribes into constant war with nearby races while rewarding those that did well with additional strength to further spread their destruction. While the vast majority of orcs worshipped Gruumsh, it is not unheard for a few orcs to worship other deities such as Cyric, or Bane.