Murbrook Races

(Taeral Pact)

Murbrook Structure

The original settlers who founded Murbrook, in the land of Orius, were humans, primarily those who had been driven away from other civilizations. Alliances were soon formed with the creatures who had already lived in the nearby forest known as Ayrewood. Soon, a village was erected, structures were formed, and the first hints of a culture unique to Murbrook took root. Soon, leadership was established in the form of the first Chancellor and a council of men and women, all human of course. Under their combined leadership, the human village eventually grew into a city; expanding outward into portions of the forest that those of the Ayrewood had forbidden them, in an effort to bolster Murbrook’s defenses and support its growing population.

The Taeral Pact, formed between a collective of likeminded races and spanning over several cities, and a sole kingdom, provides the majority of Murbrook’s current strength. The Taeral Pact is comprised primarily of Lawful and Good races who collectively support the citizens of Murbrook who have struggled to establish themselves within the dangerous land of the Emerald Coast.


Murbrook is led by the Chancellor, who in turn is supported by the High Council. Each member of the High Council focuses on one of the five pillars of Murbrook:  Economy, Politics, Infrastructure, Culture, and Law and Order. The Chancellor and the High Council are relied upon to provide fair and just leadership to the diverse of species who comprise the citizenry of Murbrook. While Murbrook was originally a city solely inhabited by humans, other races were eventually allowed to live within the walls of the city and, progressively, were eventually invited to be part of the High Council itself, although no non-human, and no human female for that matter, has ever attained the rank of Chancellor. When important matters were put before the High Council for a vote, ultimate authority lies with the Chancellor. If the Chancellor so chooses, he or she may override any decision collectively voted upon by the High Council. This has led to periods of conflict over the centuries between the High Council and the Chancellor, but to date the Chancellor retains control of Murbrook as its ultimate authority, with the High Council acting as his right hand.

After the commencement of the First War, Law and Order was invariably the main pillar upon which the generations of Chancellor's focused. From one leader to the next, the laws of Murbrook became favored strongly towards races in the Taeral Pact, while those outside the Pact were treated, by the laws at least, in ever harsher manners, particularly those races from Wurgoth that were labeled as enemies. The first laws of Murbrook, which can be found within the city’s library, depicts the following.

I. Chancellor in favor of his/her name:

  1. Members of the High Council, and the corresponding five pillars of Murbrook which they represent, are ranked in order of importance by the Chancellor. Historically, Law and Order has always held the highest ranking position.

  2. The Chancellor may revoke or suspend any titles or ranks, including those of the High Council, for any reason whatsoever, as he or she sees fit.

  3. If there are vacancies on the High Council, then the existing Council Members will elect an individual to fill the vacancy, but the final determination on whether an elected individual will be appointed to the High Council will be decided solely by the Chancellor.

  4. Upon appointment of a new Chancellor, no laws may be altered or changed until the first moon of his/her reign passes.

  5. Taxes shall be collected in favor of the Chancellor. Failure to pay will result in severe consequences that will be determined by the Chancellor.

  6. Should the Chancellor die, the High Council will assume temporary control of Murbrook while voting upon a successor. However, the council will have no right to alter or change the laws of Murbrook, as this is the sole privilege of a Chancellor.


II. Law and Punishment:

  1. Men and women born within Murbrook fall under the protection of the Chancellor and his/her officials. Although Hybrid Races may be tolerated, they will be monitored closely for the safety of Murbrook, and it is possible that they may be expelled from Murbrook if they are found to pose a threat to the populace. Upon birth, the parent of a half breed must report their child’s information to Murbrook’s Library. Failure to do so will result in the child not being considered a citizen of Murbrook.​​

  2. Should a man or woman be executed, or permanently imprisoned, by the officials of Murbrook, their property will be forfeited and used as reparation for their crimes and any remainder shall be given to the Chancellor to disperse as he/she sees fit.

  3. All but a few religious practices are protected by law in Murbrook, so long as they break no other law. However, in the Murbrook library there is a list of gods whose worship is considered illegal, and others who are closely monitored.

    • Illegal Religions - Bane, Cyric, Gruumsh, Laduguer, Lolth, Loviatar, Maglubiyet, Mask, Malar, Shar and other lesser Dark Powers

    • Monitored Religions - Beshaba, Talos, Talona


III. Crimes in Murbrook:

  1. Killing in self-defense is allowed, but only if there are witnesses who can corroborate and the killer will still be questioned and monitored. Weapons will be removed for a limited period of time in order to maintain the safety of Murbrook Citizens. Other orders can still be issued by the officials.

  2. All unsorted debts and fees shall be recorded by the Scholars of the Chancellor, and failure to pay will result in proper punishment as determined by the officials of Murbrook.

  3. The flow of goods is vital to the survival of Murbrook, and no intervention in trading, or trade routes, will be tolerated. Punishment will be harsh, and determined by the severity.

  4. Verbal assault, pick-pocketing, and trespassing are minor crimes, punished by fines or hard labor. Verbal assault and pick-pocketing are often answered with fines and monetary compensation.

  5. Brawling, rape, and murder are crimes under Murbrook Law, and are often paid off through a fine or with hard labour. Murder can also be punished by death or imprisonment depending on the circumstances.

  6. Piracy, sedition, and treason will result in severe consequences up to, and including, execution depending on how severe the accusations are.

  7. Enslavement of fellow Murbrook citizens, and other sentient creatures, is strictly prohibited. However, if it is discovered that a race of creatures is enslaving any race from the Taeral Pact, then an exception is considered appropriate, and retaliatory enslavement of members from that race will be considered lawful and just.


*The above is not a full list of all crimes within Murbrook. Law enforcement officials, the High Council, and ultimately the Chancellor may alter/add/remove laws from the land as they see fit.

IV. Cultural Laws in Murbrook: 

  1. Thou shall respect all craftsmanship within Murbrook.

  2. Thou shall not hide secrets that would harm the people of Murbrook. Such information is expected to be reported to city guards or other city officials, as appropriate.

  3. The wicked and evil races of Wurgoth are banned from all Murbrook lands. Any citizens that are found to be aiding and abetting the presence of such creatures within Murbrook lands, unless officially sanctioned to do so by the Chancellor of Murbrook, are committing treason.

  4. Races that have sworn an allegiance to the Chancellor, and are part of the Taeral Pact, are protected by Murbrook’s laws.​

  5. Marriage is sacred and is protected by both the laws of Murbrook and by the couple’s respective religions.

  6. There is zero tolerance for battles and brawls within healer’s facilities within Murbrook. Severe actions will be taken against those who break such laws.

  7. Arcane magic is illegal within the city of Murbrook. Outside the city, Magic is monitored by the Murbrook Authorities heavily, but is permitted so long as it is not destructive in nature. Since the Maiklin War, and the devastation wrought by the High Elves, Murbrook as a society is extremely vigilant against all practices of arcane magic. If discovered, practitioners of arcane magic are liable to face imprisonment.

Current Decrees:

As part of the ongoing ceasefire agreement, members of the Fucien Alliance are extended protection of their person and belongings within the lands surrounding the walled city of Murbrook, but not within.