Race Appearance

  • No taller than 7 feet 6 inches

  • Scales that ranges from shades of green and browns to various shades of gray.

  • No hair, but may have small frills or horns

  • Always yellow eyes

  • Realistic Appearance (only the Jomo Dragon without wings is currently approved)

  • Most often True Neutral

General Description

Lizardfolk are semi-aquatic reptilian humanoids. Their skin is covered in scales and varied in color from dark green through shades of brown and gray. They have yellow eyes and are taller than humans, powerfully built, standing between 6'6" and 7'6" feet tall and weigh in between 200 and 250 lbs.

They have non-prehensile muscular tails that grow to three or four feet in length, and are used for balance. They also had sharp claws and teeth.


Although non-reptilians struggle to tell the difference between males and females, lizardfolk can easily distinguish themselves. Lizardfolk have to keep their skin relatively moist and need to wet their bodies regularly if they are in dry climates. For this reason they are particularly fearful of desert landscapes.


Lizardfolk speak Draconic and depending on where they live, some lizardfolk might learn other languages. Most ordinary lizardfolk however, are illiterate.

As a generally Neutral race, most lizardfolk are content to live their lives out in the swamps and marshes where they were born but, on occasion, some will venture outside their swampy homes to hunt bigger and more dangerous prey. Sometimes lizardfolk even desire to know more about the outside world, when they did so, lizardfolk rarely traveled alone. If they leave the swamp, they would do so in pairs or groups of three. Lizardfolk fear that, without others of their own kind with them to remind them of who and what they were, they will lose their identity and be seduced by the ways of civilization and never come home again.

Relations with other races

The lizardfolk have no traditions of farming, cultivation, or animal raising, so food is acquired through fishing, hunting, scavenging, or stealing. Those that dwell near other humanoids often raid their neighbors for food, supplies, and even slaves. The tribe's survival is its primary, or, indeed only concern. When they feel threatened, or when food shortages will lead to starvation, a tribe will do absolutely anything to guarantee its survival, even committing acts others would see as despicable.


The relationship of lizardfolk to other races is considered to be mostly that of hunter to prey. Lizardfolk of somewhat more civilized nature understand that other races might know something worth learning, and are often ready to parley. Because of this, Lizardfolk within Ayrewood allied themselves with the other races of the forest against their formidable enemies. They consider themselves stronger, and thus better, than most other races and therefore think of themselves as "real people". Referring to most of the civilized races as "softskins".

Magic and Religion

When it comes to magic, the lizardfolk see little value in the arcane, they understand its destructive ability but they see it as calling upon unnatural energies compared to that of the druidic and shamanistic magics for which they are most known.


On the other hand, lizardfolk worship Semuanya, who focuses solely on the survival and propagation of the lizardfolk species, and the lizardfolk view this relationship more as aid from their ancient ancestors than that of the normal worship of a god. Semuanya is depicted as an oversized lizard man, strong and agile in both body and mind. He wears only a loincloth and sometimes armor, wielding a club studded with razor-sharp fragments of shells. He never speaks except when necessary.


This religion is maintained by tribal shamans, who bestow Semuanya’s blessings on the lizardfolk people whenever required. However, Semuanya was an uncaring and unfeeling god who dismissed even the suffering of his followers, expecting them to take care of themselves. Thanks to Semuanya's close links to nature, and because lizardfolk are naturally close to the land, ready to take what it gives them, many lizardfolk have no problem shifting to worshiping nature itself.