God of Duergar, Skilled Artisans, Magic. Lawful Evil.

The Exile, the Gray Protector, Master of Crate, the Slave Driver, the Taskmaster, the Harsh

General Description

Laduguer is the patron of the duergar, or gray dwarves, a malevolent breed of dwarves who dwell in the dark reaches of the Underdark and who withdrew from the rest of dwarven society long ago along with their god. The Exile is venerated by most gray dwarves as the protector of the race who defends them from the countless other creatures of the Underdark who wish to enslave them and seize their tunnels, mines, and crafts. Duergar craftsmen, particularly those who seek to create magical weapons, pay homage to Laduguer.


Ever since he was cast out by the rest of the dwarven gods, Laduguer has harbored a bitter resentment, viewing the rest of the dwarven deities as layabouts more concerned with outdated tradition than with progress.

That's not to say Laduguers is a free thinker--he clings to his own brand of intolerant discipline, weaving a doctrine of obedience to one's leader, empowerment through the exploitation of slaves, enrichment through the creation of magical weapons, and protection through an unforgiving program of stern military preparedness. Strongly xenophobic, Laduguer urges his charges to avoid contact with other races except for limited trade and slave raids.


The children of Laduguer have rejected the feckless and feeble gods of their forefathers and withdrawn from their lazy once-kin so as not to be tainted by their weaknesses. Strict obedience to superiors, dedication to one's craft, and endless toil are necessary to achieve wealth, security, and power. Nothing is ever easy, nor should it be. Suffer pain stoically and remain aloof, for to show or even feel emotion is to demonstrate weakness. Those who are weak are undeserving and will suffer an appropriate fate. Adversity is Laduguer's forge, and the harsh trails through which the duergar must pass are his hammer blows--endure all and become stronger than adamantine.


The duergar recognize no difference between religious and secular authority, making Laduguer's clerics (known as thuldor, a dwarven term meaning "those who endure") the nominal rulers of gray dwarf society. The duergar see their existence as a constant struggle agaisnt other Underdark races, and the thuldor form the single constant that has kept the race united and powerful ever since the days when Laduguer's clerics first led the gray dwarves away from their surface brethren.