Half Wood Elf - Druid

Half-Elves pick between their 2 races for class racials


Race Appearance

  • No taller than 6 feet 6 inches

  • Similar variety as that humans regarding skin, hair and eye color, with the addition of pale to white hair and eyes

  • Short pointed ears

  • Most often Chaotic but all over the board between Good and Evil

General Description

Half-elves, as usually defined, were humanoids born through the union of an elf and a human. Whether a half-elf was raised by their human parent or their elven parent, they often felt isolated and alone. Because they took around twenty years to reach adulthood, they matured quickly when raised by elves (who think they look like humans), making them feel like an outsider in either place.

Half elves stood roughly around 5'0" to 6'6", making them only slightly shorter overall than humans, and weighed in at 130 – 190 lbs. making them heavier than elves but still considerably lighter than humans. Like humans, half-elves had a wide variety of complexions, some of which were inherited from the elven half of their heritage, such as a tendency for metallic-hued skin and inhuman hair colors.

Half-elves gained an unusual blend of abilities from their two heritages, though become sterile with the mixture. More durable and more innately charming than either humans or elves, half-elves lacked the grace or wisdom of their elven parents, although they did have some of the versatility of their human ancestors. Half-elves had a natural ability to learn outside of their specialty, giving them a strength in adaptability. Half-elves, like their elven parents, worked well with others and could lend some of their own skill to friends or allies.

Relations with other races

Half-elves, as a result of their unique heritage, exhibited a confidence and strength of personality uncommon amongst both humans and elves, a result of the blending between elven perceptiveness and human passion and drive. Half-elves were natural leaders and negotiators, and, perhaps because of their reality of living in two worlds, were unusually open-minded. Some half-elves manifested this leadership through confidence and bravery, but others were cordial and polite, manifesting their force of personality in a subtler but no less effective manner.

Half-elves typically got along well with elves and humans who were understanding of their heritage. Half-elves also enjoyed the company of dwarves, gnomes, and halflings. Half-elves benefited in these relations from the fact that they had the grace of an elf without the arrogance and the enthusiasm of a human without the latter race's common coarseness. Half-elves were less than entirely trusting, however, of half-orcs, with whom they shared human heritage but whose orcish ancestry was historically opposed to the fey heritage of a half-elf.

Magic and Religion

Half-elves often partook in the magical traditions of both humans and elves, for which they were equally suited. Half-elves had no true magical traditions of their own.

Many half-elves worshipped Corellon in much the same way as did their elven parents, but others favored human deities such as Sune, whose gifts they might see as responsible for their birth. Other human deities to whom half-elves often felt drawn included Chauntea or Selûne.

Half Elf