Half-Drow pick between their 2 races for class racials


Race Appearance

  • No taller than 6 feet 3 inches

  • Dusky skin with slight tints of red, pink, or purple

  • Always silver or white hair

  • Eyes covering the general human range with the additions of purple and red

  • Most often Chaotic Evil

General Description

A half-drow was the offspring of one human parent and one drow parent. A half-drow generally had dusky skin, silver or white hair, and human eye colors. Much like half-elves, half-drow were in between human and drow heights, sitting at 5'0" to 6'3" and about 120 – 180 lbs. 

Half-drow were often conceived when a male drow mated with one of his human female slaves or when outcast drow mated with surface-dwelling species, though half-drow themselves are sterile.

Born able to walk, almost from birth half-drow progress through early development stages quite rapidly. Motor skills and language skills follow, and by their second year they could easily be mistaken — drow-like features not withstanding — for a human eight-year old. However, true sexual maturity, strangely given their rapid start, will not occur in half-drow until they reach their mid-twenties.

Half-Drow are stockier than their elven parents, and noticeably more muscular often with a "chiseled" appearance to their features. Common eye-colors include those generally found on humans, although shades of purples and reds are known to occur. 

Relations with other races

Not inherently evil by nature, Half-Drow are subjected, by their Drow masters, to cruel savagery every bit as vile as the torments visited upon the subject people from which they were forcibly conceived. This tends to force them towards the same Chaotic Evil alignment as their drow heritage, typically out of hatred alone. Their lot is perhaps worse than that of those the Drow initially conquer, for they are not only subject to such torments by the Drow, but also deeply reviled by the subjugates from which they sprang.


Half-Drow often find themselves believing that subjugated races have it easy: should they escape their masters, they are welcomed into the surrounding free-lands. Half-Drow, however, resembling the Drow as much as they do, receive no such welcome: instead they seem destined to be slaves, or wandering sojourners: strangers in a strange land, no matter how far from their Drow slavers they flee. This truth quite often twists their inner self to be that much closer to that which their outer self resembles.

Magic and Religion

Through the arcane power of their drow heritage, half-drow could be amazing wizards and found it one of the few ways to live a slightly better life when living with other drow, as arcane might made their lives matter a bit more to those above them.

While often forced into following Lolth, in general half-drow religion varied widely and based more on the individual. Some wished for nothing more than to see their drow masters tormented as much as they are, and would follow gods that promised them the ability to do such. Others, wishing for escape and acceptance elsewhere, would follow other Gods, although these were a bit less common given half-drow would also face persecution above ground.

Half Drow