God of Orcs, Conquest, Survival, Strength, Territory. Chaotic Evil.

He Who Never Sleeps, the One-Eyed God, He Who Watches


Seek unceasing war against your enemies, and kill or enslave those who oppose you. Acquire territory and living space. Destroy elves, their homes, and their lands. Crush the dwarves and take their deep caves for your own. Be strong, and be prepared to show your strength at any moment. Showing weakness is the key to an early death. Those that are too weak to fight for your tribe should be put to the spear. The greatest gift that He Who Watches gave to the orcs was the ability to survive where the weaker races would die. Build your strength in these lands and use them to overrun your enemies.


Orc war priests wear a patch over one eye to symbolize their worship of the orc deity. They also dress in dark red vestments, armored with war helms and black plate mail. Gruumsh's sacred animal is the giant rat, his holy day is the new moon, and he is worshiped in orcish lairs where blood is sacrificed to him monthly.


General Description

He is envisioned with one eye by all who named him a god and is a deity mainly worshiped by orcs and orogs.

In a past time, Gruumsh had two eyes but he lost one in a fight with the chief elven god Corellon Larethian. Gruumsh meant to paralyze Corellon with his magical spear; this attack failed and initiated an epic battle. During this battle Gruumsh injured Corellon and, according to legend, from the blood shed the elven people were created. Corellon ended the fight by putting out Gruumsh's left eye, which is how Gruumsh earned his moniker One-Eye. Some orcish clerics deny this tale, dismissing it as elven propaganda while claiming that Gruumsh always had one eye.

Gruumsh’s influence has flourished in recent decades with the growth of the orc population, and as other humanoids have come under his sway.