Full Moon Werewolf

Werewolves would use these stats instead of their normal stats in their werewolf form during a full moon. They are based around a werewolf with all it's moves and a regeneration that does not turn off from silver.


Bite And Claw (2d6+6); Your HP; 6 Armor

Close, Messy, Knockdown (10+ Bite&Claw), Inflicts Lycanthropy - Defy Danger: Con


Special Qualities:

Regeneration - You heal 3 HP every round.

Weak to Silver - Silver weapons deal +1 damage and do not affect your regeneration.

Apex Predator - +1 Ongoing to STR or DEX rolls for your Bite&Claw attacks.

Beast - Bite&Claw is rolled as Hack&Slash (STR or DEX). You lose access to all other non-basic moves (including +Armor/+Damage moves), abilities, ongoing spells, and equipment you have.



  • When in combat you pick your target randomly unless attacked, instead then targeting the last person to attack you.

  • Fighting everything is your first thought, though you can use Flee when badly injured (less than 15HP) or when severely outnumbered (normal ratio rules).

  • While you attack presented targets, you are not forced to attack into a group of 3 or more, able to instead find better targets.

  • With the natural regeneration that all werewolves have, once out of a scene you will quickly heal to full to be able to fight in a different area. This includes debilities.

  • You start trying to kill your target the turn after they are down unless you have another target or are distracted by something else.

  • If your attack that downs a target is a 14+ and they fail or have already made their Last Breath, you kill the target with that attack.