Frequently Asked Questions

This section is to help players deal with some of the complicated parts of the system.

What all can I do during my turn?

During your turn you have a Standard Action, which tends to be your main action for doing anything like attacking or casting a spell.


You have a Move Action, which allows you to move some distance away (but not escape the fight) or to anyone and has no maximum range, so you can always move to within striking distance of someone if you have the ability to use your Move Action. 

You have an Interrupt Action, which once per Round (full circle of actions coming back to you) you can use a move listed as Interrupt in response to someones standard action (including your own). Any effects of this should likely be added to your next post instead of jumping order as the mechanical effects of these tend to be small.

You have Free Action moves, which you can do at any point but can only be used once per combat for each move you have that is Free.

Can I target myself with spells or moves?

Any move or spell that allows targeting of "an ally" or "any ally" can be used on yourself. However, any spells or moves that state "any other ally" are not able to be used on yourself.

Does Vulnerable stack? Or can I choose it as a penalty when I am already Vulnerable?

Any new application of Vulnerable overwrites the previous one, and this includes selecting it as a choice for a low roll. For exmaple, you could still pick Vulnerable as the 1 choice when Rolling a 9 on Cast A Spell, even if you are already Vulnerable.

How does the passive income and XP work?

Around once an hour your HUD will have a large coin appear over the banner at the top, simply click this coin to receive your 3 Silver and potentially a single point of XP if it is the first time you've clicked the coin in that day. This will continue as long as you stay active on sim for up to 5 total ticks, allowing a total of 15 Silver and 1 XP per day when gaining the standard amount each tick.

Do I always get 3 Silver each tick each day?

This is the amount for being within a faction that is currently at full productivity. This number can be decreased if the current leader of the faction decides to tax his people for a surplus of silver for his use, or do a few other things such as raise a militia, constructing something, or start changing the laws of the land in ways that cause unrest. These actions all drop a factions tick by 1 for some amount of time, making diplomacy or dealing with the leader causing the decrease some possible ways to handle it. Along with going down, the ticks can be increased by 1 if your faction currently has ownership of the mines (at release they will be closed, but will soon open up for control by the factions that wish to try).

How does the currency and trade work for items not on the equipment page with stats? Or for jobs?

In general the HUD does not support every type of item or profession one could possibly have in an RP environment. Things like farming or selling food don't have a cost to produce what they made and also provide no mechanical benefit to those that spend silver to purchase them. Neither is the owner of the tailor shop getting any extra silver for RP selling a new dress to afford to pay silver to the help she hired. What the HUD does give is a passive income based on time spent active on the sim, which is there to cover any would be occupation that doesn't make money from trading with other players. Simply put, many of the jobs or trade interactions on Orius will still be just roleplay without HUD currency or items involved, though some often still pay for these things anyway.

How does day and night work on sim?

Currently Orius has a 12 hour day cycle to give a better chance for people to experience day and night within the world. The easiest way to see is using the region windlight settings, but SLT midnight is also Orius midnight, then advancing every 3 hours with morning, afternoon, evening and back to midnight and repeating to get 2 full cycles in a RL day.

Does day and night change during combat?

Actually RPing and rolling during a combat takes much longer than the actual combat should last, so time and whether it is day or night should be locked during the scene once combat starts.

Can I create spells and magic effects not specifically stated in the spell list?

No, Orius uses a very structured magical system and any effect used needs to come from a prepared and known spell that can produce that effect. Sometimes effects created can have multiple purpose, such as spell that shoots a small fire bolt at an enemy for damage could potentially be used to light a campfire or torch, but would just be hitting something with fire damage as the spell normally does.

Is Piercing added to your damage roll?

No, Piercing simply reduces the Armor of the opponent by its amount for that one attack (the armor goes back to normal after). Even if you have more Piercing than someone has Armor, you gain no additional benefit from it.

Can I take the first move of a specialization the same level I meet it's requirements?

No, you need to first meet all requirements and then you are able to take the first move on your next level. For most requirements it is simply other moves so you don't have the ability to do so, but some requirements use spell levels, and when they do you must meet them and then take the first move the following level. So to meet the requirements of Vindicator that requires 3rd level spells means you must first reach third level normally as a cleric, and then upon your 4th level you could take Burn The Unholy from Vindicator.

What is the exact materials needed for the repose spell from the body?
“A bit of hair or leftover dust that was part of the body at death”. The important wording is ‘at death’. What this means is that ANY materials gathered before death such as a blood sample or lock of hair, will not be valid for repose. It must have come from the body after death.

In combat, how fast does time pass?
We go by the same rough estimation as DND and other similar systems. About 3-6 seconds per round, depending on the size of the fight. 

How does silver affect vampires and werewolves?
Silvered weapons are a direct component that adds extra damage and other effects when used to attack the two types of afflicted. However, it is important to note that things such as silver coins do not outwardly harm your character in any mechanical sense. You may RP it as such, but it will not lower your HP or restrict your character in any capacity in terms of mechanics to say, hold a silver necklace. 

How do I dictate when it is day or night time for the purposes of Vampires?
Check when the RP started, in SLT time. The sim goes off of a 12 hour clock cycle. If the fight started during the day, night or evening that time, act accordingly. It is entirely possible a scene starts during the day in-sim, and by the time the fight rolls around, it is technically evening even though not even close to that time has passed in the context of the RP.

What happens if my armor piercing is greater than the armor value of my opponent?
If your opponent has 2 armor and you have 3 piercing, their armor is reduced to 0. There is no further benefit from exceeding their armor.

Do abilities that grant piercing stack?
Yes. If you have, for example, 2 Piercing from the Combat Form - Precision from fighter and take the fighter move ‘Master of Steel’, they stack to give you a total of 4 piercing.

Can I choose to become vulnerable through an effect if I am already vulnerable?
Yes. It will simply consume the old vulnerable, and apply the new one.


Do debilities reduce the stat or the roll?
They reduce the roll. A strength debility will only give a -1 to all strength based rolls, but your native strength will stay where it is. (A strength of +3 will remain at +3, but you will add a -1 modifier to all strength rolls.)

Do moves like Cleansing Flame, Shapeshifting, Help from Beyond, etc. count as spells for the purpose of counterspell?
No. Only moves cast via ‘Cast a spell’ may be countered.

Can I dual wield two masterwork weapons and get a +2 to my damage?
No. You will only ever gain +1 from wielding a Masterwork weapon, regardless of how many you use or hold. However, there is nothing stopping you from still wielding two masterwork weapons if you so desire.

Can I take Long Wolf from the Ranger basic moves and still take Swashbuckler or another Specialization? 
No. Lone wolf specifically states that you lose Animal Companion when taking that move, locking you out of the ability to take specializations that require it. Additionally, it will mean you are no longer able to take moves from the Ranger pool that require Animal Companion.

What happens if I take too many negative forward and ongoings that I cannot succeed no matter what my roll is, or take so many positive forwards and ongoings that I can’t fail? Is a 2 a fail no matter what, and a 12 a success?
No. If you raise or lower your stats one way or another to such a point where failure or success is impossible to roll, you simply roll as normal, accepting the penalties. Very few things will ever allow this to happen, and they are all a temporary consequence or bonus. 

As a Shaman if I wish to use Sin Eater to revive someone, but there are no DMs available for the next 24 hours (either due to my schedule or theirs), is it possible to reschedule with the DM’s permission to a time later in the week for the RP to occur?
Yes, as long as all parties agree on a time and date, Sin Eater’s ritual can be postponed. Bare in mind the scene itself will still take place as if it were the original date, and the revived character will not be able to be used until after the ritual scene has been completed. 

What is a ‘rare’ component in equipment? 
A weapon or armor may only be made of one rare component. The list is Silver, Adamantine, and Mithrel. Masterwork and Holy Symbols are not rare components, and thus may be taken along with one of the three components. 

For Troll healing, it says it halts for the rest of the day at 0 HP. What is a ‘day’?
The rest of the day is dictated by the 12 hour system of Orius. So for however long left in that 12 hour bracket, is how long you must wait to start regenerating again.

Can Multiclass dabbler be used to take Specializations moves?
No, they are not class moves.

If I have activated Skin of my Teeth, can I be buffed or healed by other characters while waiting for my turn to come around?
Yes. The only limitation is that you must not have made any actions free or otherwise before your turn has come around.

If I flee from a fight, how far can I run?
You can escape as far as you want, up till the edge of a map. For example, if you flee a fight in Wurgoth, you can run all the way from the Matron’s Throne room, all the way to the Crossroads. Bare in mind, if you CHOOSE to stay in Wurgoth after fleeing, you’re fair game to getting into another fight.

Can I flee if I am in a confined space? (A locked room, a deep pit, etc.)
If it’s obvious that you have nowhere to run, you’re trapped. A guard standing in the doorway might not stop you, but 2 inches of thick wood with a latch lock on the other side /will/ stop you from fleeing.

Is the +2 to flee from fleeing from the get go at the start of a fight cumulative? 
No. Only the +1 gained from rolling a 7-9 to flee adds over time. The +2 is flat, but is constantly kept as a bonus if you keep fleeing every round.

Does status effects such as stunned, knockdown or incapacitate stop you from fleeing? 
Stun and Incapacitate can prevent you from having a standard action to use the Flee move on your turn, but no effects stop a successful Flee, nor prevent the free Flee attempt from a Last Breath.

If I gain a debility to Dex as a monk, do I lose a point of armor since my Dex is lowered from the Balanced move?
No. It uses your native stat, not after modifiers. 

When can I interrupt? Can I do it in response to a roll? 
You can interrupt at any point during the roll, including after damage has been taken.

Can interrupts be used in response to the end of the turn or round?
No. It must always be used as a reaction to a standard action. 

Can I interrupt a move or interrupt action?
No. It must be a standard action.

If I am a Necromancer and my pet uses H&S, who gets vulnerable if I roll low?
The pet, as it is the attacker.

When I interrupt, how does it affect the interrupted action? Does it only affect the rolls made after the interrupt?
An interrupt used during an action affects all aspects of the action both before and after the interrupt is made. 

Can I take the same move twice via multiclassing? 
No. You may only ever take a move once, no matter how you obtain it.