All characters can craft all non-magical equipment without any extra moves, but skilled crafters can do so cheaper and potentially make masterpiece equipment.

Creating An Item































1. Empty Inventory Slot

You cannot create an item in Setup Mode. When not in it you open your inventory and select an empty slot to have a white selection square appear around it. This should make the crafting options at the bottom appear.

2. Craft or Expert Craft

Depending on your characters moves, you'll then select normal crafting or expert crafting (see moves below) and start to receive dialog prompts asking you about the item you are creating.

  • Name of the item.

  • Weight of the item (number only).

  • Cost of the item (number only). The HUD will handle any silver reduction, always put the correct cost of the item here.

  • Item Tags, which vary depending on the item and are found on the equipment page. Simply type/paste them in separated by commas.

3. Item Icon

After filling out all the prompts a new window will slide out displaying numerous graphic icons you could potentially use for your item. They will all appear white at first, but once you select the icon you wish for the item, a new set of that icon in various colors will appear at the bottom of the same window. Simply select the color you wish.



4. Finalize Item

After selecting the colored icon at the bottom your crafting is near complete, the window will close and you will get a dialog prompt displaying all the details of your item and asking you if you wish to craft this. Double check to make sure you have not used Expert Crafting if you do not have the correct move (it will say "Expertly crafted by" instead of just "Crafted by" in the details). If everything is correct, simply click Yes and if you have enough silver to create the item, it will be subtracted and the item created.

Make sure NOT to use expert crafting if you do not have a move for it. We track item creation and the items themselves say if they were crafted using it and who made it, so anyone making expert items without having spent a level on the move will be considered to be abusing the system and have actions taken against them.

Trading Silver & Items

1. Trading Items

Select the icon of the item you wish to trade in your inventory and another small pullout will appear at the bottom in the same location as the crafting options. There you'll have 3 choices:

  • Inspection - gives details of the item to yourself and anyone else nearby.

  • Trade - a dialog prompt will popup asking who you wish to give the item to if anyone is within range, followed by a confirmation prompt to finish the trade.

  • Destruction - destroy an item, you get nothing back from the item for doing so.

2. Trading Silver

Click the box that displays your silver:

  • You will get a dialog prompt that asks if you wish to show your current amount of silver to everyone nearby, or trade silver.

  • Once trade is selected you input the amount you wish to trade

  • Then select the name of the individual you wish to trade it to from nearby people

  • A final confirmation prompt. If successful the HUD will list the trade in chat for you.

Selling Items

Each faction has 1 NPC merchant that will purchase any items you have on you for 50% of the items cost (1 silver items will sell for 0). In Murbrook it is an NPC at the market within the walls. In Ayrewood it is an NPC outside the garrison in Ar Estel (High Elf City). In Wurgoth it is an NPC near the tavern.

Simply click the merchant and a list of the items on your will be displayed and you select the item from the list to sell it. This can not be undone.

Expert Weaponsmith

You are able to use Expert Crafting to make all weapons other than bows, crossbows and their ammunition. Gain the ability to make Masterwork versions of these items.


Expert Fletcher

You are able to use Expert Crafting to make all bows, crossbows, their ammunition, and quivers. Gain the ability to make Masterwork versions of these items.

Expert Armorsmith

You are able to use Expert Crafting to make all armors and shields. Gain the ability to make Masterwork versions of these items.

Expert Alchemist

You are able to use Expert Crafting to make healing potions, untainted tinctures, antitoxins and all poisons.

Crafting Tags

Expert Crafting - Able to use the expert crafting option in the HUD (anvil with star), which reduces item cost by 25%. You still input the normal value of the item, the HUD will handle the reduction of silver spent for you.

Masterwork - An improved version of weapons and armor with increased bonuses at an increased cost. See equipment page for specifics.

Crafting Moves