Race Appearance

  • No taller than 6 feet 6 inches

  • Skin either following normal human tones with the addition of greens and grays in wood or bark like designs, or full on bark skin resembling any found on living trees and plants over the various seasons

  • Hair and eyes generally natural colors found on plants and trees over the various seasons

  • A humanoid shape

  • Most often True Neutral


General Description

The dryads were Fey who acted as the protectors of forests and trees. They were favored representatives of a great number of nature deities.

They appeared to be beautiful men or women with delicate features seemingly made of soft wood. Their hair seemed to be made of leaves and foliage that matched the color of one the seasons. Some had hair that was lush and green, while others had red or browns seen in autumn and winter.

Dryads preferred to live away from civilization, delighting in the savage wilderness away from those that sought to cut their trees. They lived with respect to nature and accepted the company of those that did so as well. Sometimes becoming attached to someone fond of nature, taking them in to be both their mate and guardian.

Dryads were generally Neutral and benign, usually just attempting to warn off intruders. Only those who were particularly cruel and determined to destroy a dryad's forest saw the full wrath of these fey.

All dryads were magically bound to a forest. These trees served as the dryad's life force and home. They fought to the death to protect their bonded trees, if the entire forest should be cut down or destroyed, the dryads would die soon afterward. They also could not stray too far from their bonded forest without suffering the same fate.

All dryads speak Sylvan, the language of the Fey. Most that have come to deal with people have also learned Common and Elven.

Relations with other races

How a race treats the wilds tends to be the sole focus for a Dryad's consideration. Creatures such as Orcs or Goblins, that are known to burn or cut down trees wantonly, are marked instantly as an enemy. The other side of the coin also holds true, as seen with one of their closest allies, the wood elves. The other races that live in the forest are allies, but the dryads are not quite as fond of them given their ties with nature are not quite as strong.

It is this emphasis on nature, and particular the woods in which they reside, which has led the dryads to regard the races on the Emerald Reach that do not reside within the Ayrewood, and are not express enemies of nature, with cautious curiosity, particularly the people of Murbrook. Dryads watch them take what they need and encroach on the wilds just as often as they attempt to protect, restore and grow, albeit generally in a more controlled state. This has led to some measure of general confusion about the race as a whole, and often it comes down to the individual human. They also hold firmly to the Fucien Alliance, having entered into it with the races they most trust. Simply being fond of nature may not be enough to keep from their wrath if the dryads determine that there is a threat to their forest home they have proven to be ferocious defenders.

Magic and Religion

Most Dryads follow Silvanus, the Oak Father, although it is not uncommon for them to worship Solonor, Selune or Sune. These gods often consider dryads as the greatest of allies when it comes to protecting the wilds. Dryads themselves are often chosen as vessels to extend the word or hand of nature aligned gods to others of the mortal realms.

Like most other Fey, Dryads have a strong affinity for magic, both the arcane and divine, although they rarely see much use in the more destructive focus that arcane magic tends to have. Instead, they focus on the subtler enchantments, illusions and protections that it can offer, or entirely forgo it to dedicate themselves to the divine and the life giving and protection magic it can bring about.