Prebuilt Characters

To help those needing some assistance in creating or advancing a character, we've put together some rather standard builds for each class to be used or built upon. These are not the only way, nor are they the best way to build these classes, but they are made with the thought of being competitive and keeping them straightforward.


Str: 12, Dex: 14, Con: 16, Int: 10, Wis: 18, Cha: 8


Starting Moves:

Spirit Tongue, Shapeshifter, Flowing Form


Suggested Equipment: (found among starting items in Character Creation room)

Starter Main Weapon - Dagger

Starter Secondary - Staff

Starter Armor - Cloth/Leather/Light Chain (same armor)

Starter Gear - Healing Potion

Starter Ammo - Throwing Dagger


Suggested Shapeshift Animal: Bear/Lizard/Alligator/Large Cat (they all have the equivalent of +2 damage)


HP: 27, Carry Weight: 22


Damage and Armor

1d8 Damage, 1 Armor


Animals: (this is added to your damage)

Bear  +2 Damage

Alligator  +2 Damage

Lizard  +1 Damage 1 Piercing

Large Cat 2 Piercing




  • Your race ability will need to be added to these stats.

  • You don’t have to roll to succeed when spending a Hold to use a shapeshifter animal attack, you automatically hit.


Suggested Moves:

Level 2 - Shed

Level 3 - Formcrafter

Level 4 - Barkskin

Level 5 - Hunter’s Brother for Slippery from Ranger

Level 6 - Formshaper

Level 7 - Quick Shifting

Level 8 - Thick Hide

Level 9 - Embracing No Form

Level 10 - Iron Bark