• Deity

  • Lay On Hands or Touch Of Corruption

  • Empowered Touch

  • Inner Flame

  • Follow a Good or Evil deity

  • No other Specialization

Once you’ve met the requirements, the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you level up:



You lose Lay On Hands, Touch Of Corruption, Holy Flame, and Unholy flame but gain this instead.

Smite Enemy


Use 2 or all remaining Light and attack with divine strength at a target that does not share your good/evil alignment, roll+CHA. Using Smite Enemy makes you Vulnerable.

• On a 10+, choose 2.

• On a 7-9, choose 1.

  • You deal 2d6 magical damage. This is not increased by Hack&Slash related moves or spells.

  • The attack does not leave you Vulnerable.

  • The attack opens your opponent up, making them Vulnerable after your turn!

Judge, Jury and Executioner

Requires: Crusade

You can use Smite Enemy on anyone regardless of alignment.



Requires: Crusade

You do not lose access to Divine Vessel on a 6 or less.

Greater Smiting

Requires: Crusade

Your Smite Enemy increases to 2d8 damage.

Damage Move (a character can only have 2 of these total).