Character Guildelines

This section is to help players create characters that fit within Orius in both appearance and lore.

Please read your race's page in the Lore section, which should give a good baseline from which to draw from for appearance, background, and alignment.


While alignment is mentioned on a races page, it's simply there to understand the usual alignment of those within that race based on their typical society and culture. You are generally free to decide what you wish for your character, but it is a good idea to know when you or someone else is an outlier to the norm for that race, as sometimes that in itself can create interesting RP. However, for a few races there are some hard restrictions to keep to the lore, though even then these are restrictions away from some alignments, not to a specific one, so there is still player freedom there.

Also, on a races page there are some general appearance requirements for each race to make sure a character played on Orius fits within the lore. Some of these races have very loose standards, while others will be more stringent to better define them between often multiple ideas of the race from different places. Much of it is taken from the Forgotten Realms version of these races, though there are many changes among them as well.

On top of this, there are these general guidelines that every character must follow.

  • You must be one of the races from the Lore section.

  • You must have a clearly medieval fantasy appearance.

  • You cannot have obviously magical effects, auras, or equipment unless you've gained a corresponding magical item with the system, or have a spell prepared and currently ongoing that would provide such an effect (there are some even for level 1 characters)​.

  • You cannot play a child or a character that is not firmly into adulthood, and we will always err on the side of caution for appearances that bring it into question (there are some head, skins and body shapes that when alone are fine, but together bring an appearance that is questionable. In such cases we may ask you to change something to continue to play here)

  • You cannot be from another plane, universe, or period

  • You cannot be from areas outside of those shown on our map (your can have ancestry from further away, but not have traveled it yourself)

  • You cannot have legitimate claims or relations to royalty, or divinity

  • You cannot have great power, wealth, or abilities from a backstory or generated by things off-sim (you can have connections to places and groups over Orius, but cannot have significant pull with them as to wield any of it's strength)

  • You cannot have an appearance that would fit into any of these types; Anime, Furry, Cartoon, Robot, Futa.

  • You cannot have obscene attributes geared toward some obvious kink (sex happens, even have stuff for it on sim, but it's not the focus here. Anything close to realistic is fine.)

We are attempting to create a Medieval Fantasy genre sim with more logical and dialed back magic to provide more room for gritty conflict, intrigue and generally harsh life.

Because of this, some styles of characters and appearances simply do not fit the setting we are trying to provide and may be asked to change.

Lastly, While Orius maintains a ‘No Futa’ rule to deter those wishing to play a fetish that is offensive to the Trans community, those wishing to play Trans characters are welcome within the sim. We want to allow people to embrace their identities in character without breaking the lore; thus we ask to please keep in mind the time frame the sim is set in is that of ‘Late Middle Ages/Medieval’. For this setting Trans folk are to be portrayed as they would have been back in such times, where the advent of Hormone Therapy, Transitional Surgery, HRT and the like were not available. Magic, while powerful, is also not available to replace such modern options due to how the Magic system is set up.