• Touch Of Corruption

  • Divine Favor

  • Fervor

  • Follow an Evil deity

  • No other Specialization

Once you’ve met the requirements, the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you level up:


Aura Of Evil

You lose Divine Vessel and Unholy Flame, but gain the following moves:

Foul Tactics


Honor in battle means nothing to you and you take advantage of anything possible for an upper hand, roll+CHA:

• On a 10+, you and all Close enemies become Vulnerable.

• On a 7-9, you and a single Close enemy become Vulnerable.

• On a 6 or less, you fail and become Vulnerable.

Twist The Blade


When you attack a target that is vulnerable, stunned, or incapacitated, you can roll+STR:

• On a 10+ choose two.

• On a 7–9 choose one.​

  • You deal your damage +2.

  • You create an advantage and gain +1 Forward.

  • Prevent them from moving from their current position for 1 turn.

  • Reduce their worn armor by 1 until they repair it, if they wear any. Applies after the Twist The Blade.

Treat this move as Hack&Slash for additional moves and equipment.

Aura Of Despair

Requires: Aura Of Evil

Enemies within Close range of you take -1 to Defy Danger rolls.


Plague Bringer

Requires: Aura Of Evil

Pick one disease. You are immune to this disease and anyone that damages you in Close range must Defy Danger against that disease.

Note: Lycanthropy and Vampirism are not diseases.

Bask In The Corruption

Requires: Aura Of Evil

Damaging anyone afflicted by a disease heals you for 2 HP.