God of Bad Luck, Misfortune, Random Mischief, and Accidents. Chaotic Evil.

The Maid of Misfortune, Black Bess, Lady Doom, the Maid of Misrule, Tyche's Unpleasant Daughter

General Description

Beshaba, or Lady Doom as she is also known, is the chaotic evil deity of accidents, bad luck, misfortune, and random mischief. She demands worship to keep her bad luck at bay. Her aim in life is to destroy her sister Tymora, or Lady Luck. She also delights in cursing others, often causing seafarers to lose their navigational instincts.


 The Maid of Misfortune is given to random behavior and bouts of extreme jealousy with regards to her sister, demanding equal veneration (or at least lip service) to that given to Tymora.

Although the thought of Beshaba actually appearing is enough to make most folk tremble, she is always invited and welcomed formally in speeches or ceremonies of formal functions (such as marriages and coronations), contests of sport or martial prowess, or at the naming of children. If not invited, she may take offense and wreak endless misfortune upon those involved.


Bad things happen to everyone, and only by following Beshaba may a person perhaps be spared the worst of her effects. Too much good luck is a bad thing, and to even it out, the wise should plan to undermine the fortunate. Whatever happens, it can only get worse. Fear the Maid of Misfortune and revere her. Spread the message across Faerun to obey Beshaba and make offerings to appease her. If she is not appeased, all will taste firsthand the curses that spread throughout Orius: “Beshaba provides!” (misery and misfortune). Make others worship Beshaba and then they will spread the ill luck she can bring. Never falsely advise any being in how to worship Beshaba, or pay the price of being cast out and cursed with misfortune all your days.


Beshaba is revered more out of fear than out of religious faith. Her doctrine states that bad luck befall everybody and the only way to avoid it was by worshiping her. She is renowned for being spiteful and malevolent, and her priests manipulated common folk into revering and providing for them by acting mysteriously and playing on morbid fears. Her clerics offer an entreaty for their spells and make sacrifices of alcoholic beverages such as burning brandy or wine. There are two festivals in the calendar of Beshaba followers at Midsummer and Shieldmeet. Both are celebrated by revelry and indulgence in food and drink.