Prebuilt Characters

To help those needing some assistance in creating or advancing a character, we've put together some rather standard builds for each class to be used or built upon. These are not the only way, nor are they the best way to build these classes, but they are made with the thought of being competitive and keeping them straightforward.


Str: 8, Dex: 12, Con: 16, Int: 10, Wis: 14, Cha: 18


Starting Moves:

Arcane Art, Bardic Lore, Prepare Performance, Cast A Spell


Suggested Equipment: (found among starting items in Character Creation room)

Starter Main Weapon - Longsword/Battleaxe/Hammer/Mace/Dagger/Spear/Dagger

Starter Secondary - Shield

Starter Armor - Cloth/Leather/Light Chain (same armor)

Starter Gear - Healing Potion

Starter Ammo -Throwing Dagger


Suggested Lore: Grand Stories and Songs of the Known World (+1 on Arcane Art rolls)


HP: 27, Carry Weight: 14


Damage and Armor

With weapon and shield worn

1d6 Damage, 2 Armor



  • Your race ability will need to be added to these stats.

  • It is best not to try and attempt a weapon focused build with a Bard unless you are going for the Arcane Duelist specialization for an advanced build.

  • You shine more in support than you do with damaging spells, but you have a few to protect yourself when needed.


How prepared spell slots work using the Prepare Performance move:

You gain level+1 in total spell levels. This means at level 1 you have 1+1 or 2 total spell levels you can have prepared and ready to cast. You would go through your first level spells on the class page and pick 2 level 1 spells to fill the 2 total levels, and then get all your cantrips for free at no cost. Works the same higher level with just an increased amount of total levels allowing potentially higher level spells to be picked, and always getting your cantrip for free.


Spells are not lost on casting, you can repeat them unless you decide to lose the spell on a low Cast A Spell result.


Spells to consider:

  • Blur - Your go to pre-cast spell to always have some additional armor.

  • Charm Person - Potentially end a fight before it starts, or just make lots of friends. They will know they were charmed after the spell wears off.

  • Cure Light Wounds - Extra bit of healing when needed.

  • Slow - Limits the capabilities of most classes by removing Free and Interrupt actions from them.

  • Sharp Note - Low level damage spell.

  • Sound Burst - Your highest damage spell and main form of protecting yourself.


Suggested Moves:

Level 2 - Practiced Performer

Level 3 - Eldritch Tones

Level 4 - Inspiring Song

Level 5 - Multiclass Dabbler to take Empower Magic

Level 6 - Art Is Life

Level 7 - Multiclass Initiate to take Greater Empower Magic

Level 8 - Inspiring Chorus

Level 9 - Multiclass Master to take Study Magic (Sound Burst) from Wizard

Level 10 - Eldritch Chord


With your primary spells of Blur, Charm Person, Cure Light Wounds and Sound Burst you would still have 3 levels of spells you could still fill with other spells. Best for supporting others until 5th level where it can take care of itself, but will always shine when supporting.