The Yellow God, The Keeper of the Eternal Sun, Keeper of Law


Amaunator's avatar, whose skin shed golden light, looked like a lanky, silver-white haired, and short man with a white tenday growth of beard clad in a long, flowing, black or purple gown with silver or gold trims, the uniform of a magistrate. He always equipped himself with two tools: a scepter and a legal tome in each hand.

Amaunator is viewed as a stern and unforgiving deity dedicated to law and order above all else. Though not concerned with balanced natural order like Silvanus, he instead advocated for kept promises, contracts, and even that political order be kept among the gods.


Amaunator’s clergy are extremely hierarchical and rulebound. Each Righteous Potentate (high priest of a temple, called a “Court”) oversaw all aspects of church functions. No one could perform or be relieved of their duties without the consent of the Righteous Potentate or one of his seven Monastic Abbots. Under each of the seven Monastic Abbots, there are an additional seven High Jurists (priests) who served relentlessly, performing whatever duties were assigned to them. Lower ranks of clergy members served beneath the High Jurists, and are known as (in descending order): Jurists, High Magistrates, Magistrates, Defenders of the Law, Lions of Order, Radiant Servants, and Clerks. Within Amaunator's church, there is an elite sect of clerics and holy warriors called Sunmasters, who represent a branch of the church known as the Brotherhood of the Glorious Sun.


God of the Sun, Bureaucracy, Law, Order. Lawful Neutral.

General Description

Amaunator is the solar deity of order, the sun, law, and time. He is viewed as a harsh but fair deity, revered by many rulers, soldiers, and powerful wizards.


Amaunatori are taught that the law is the law. The law kept order in society, and without it civilization would unravel and chaos would reign. Amaunator represents the sure function of the law, for just as certainly as the sun would rise in the morning, the law could deal fairly with any dispute and any crime.

Novice Amaunatori are charged as follows: "Learn the law and live it; obey its every letter and clause, for in knowledge of the intracacies of law lies freedom to act with righteous impunity. Keep track of the decisions of your superiors so that the body of precedent continues to grow and the unity of purpose of the rulings of Amaunator is made manifest to all. Serve your superiors faithfully, and they will reward you faithfully; shirk your duty and find the harsh hand of reproof."